B List Stuff
wide range of build items & more
Bag Of Tricks
vikings, ancient world, Halloween & more
Bag Of Tricks 2
vintage style, Tiki, TSO, tropical plants
Beldina Dimora
Bella and Morts Yard Sale
hacked items
bamboo, western, flags
Besimju 1
furniture sets
Bettys Sim Skins
retro skins
Bines Sims Revue
several recoloured rooms
Bines The Sims
recoloured rooms, murals, rugs, w&f
Bines Sim Group 2
recoloured rooms, paintings
Bines Sims Revue Bedroom Sets
recoloured bedrooms from Parsimonious, Simzalabim & other
Bines Sims Revue Decor 1-2
rugs and paintings
Bines Sims Revue Kitchen Sets
(recoloured) kitchen sets
Bines Sims Revue Spa Sets
recoloured Parsimonious sets
Bits 'n Bobs
wide range of objects, sets and rooms
Bits 'n Bobs Garden
plants, fences, fountain & more
Blackthorn Sims
some retro walls
a few rugs
Blue Star Sims
themed skins
Blue Star Sims Attic
recoloured objects
one family, one self-sim
Bonaduce Designs
furniture in soft colours
Bonaduce Designs and Colette's Gallery
paintings - no previews
Boo's Rug Shop 1-2
modern and classic rugs, Christmas rugs
Boo's Rug Shop Archive
Halloween rugs
Both Worlds
deco objects
wide range of objects, also build items
Brisims Original Downloads
19 folders with objects, 6 folders with walls
pictured houses
Built To Sim
few skins and one rug
Bunniluver's Sims
one skin, poses
Bunny Trail Sims
French objects, country objects, patisserie & more
Burris Sims Sale
recoloured and original objects
Butler Sims
recoloured objects, paintings, houses, walls