Quadvirgo Sims
Quayside Warehouse 1-2
wide offer of sets & more
Queenie Sim Emporium
sets, houses, w&f


Rachel's Sims 1-2
few skins, (recoloured) sets
Rachy's Sims 1-2
room sets and single objects
Rainshower Tropics 1-2
houses, w&f
Real Super Star Sims
room sets
Reflexions of a Sims
three mirrors
Reny's Sim Concept - Modreny
room sets
Reny's Sim Concept 2
hospital theme, nursery theme & more
Retired Homes4Sims
houses with shoppin lists
Retro Modern Sims
modern paintings and rugs
Rhino Is Fake
themed fakes
Ripmagnum's Rug Emporium
all kind of rugs
Ripmagnum's Rugs and Beyond
themed rugs
Rosa's Renders
bases for creators
Rosa's Rugs 1-2
mainly classical rugs
Rosebud Sims
paintings, skins