Edgeville Sims
recoloured objects, recoloured skins, some hacked objects
Edie's Sims
skins, poses
Eight Sim Lane
recoloured objects, rugs, w&f, Memorial park
Eisbaer's Creations
wide range of mainly fantasy themed skins, objects, lots & more
Elegant Sim Fashions
some objects, wall, shopping center lot
Elles Wall Emporium
walls, art murals
Ember's Sim Surfer Files
Egyptian theme, rugs, paintings
End of Time Sims
only few objects and floors
Ess Sims E Group
wide range of objects
Ess Sims Halloween
Halloween paintings and objects
Ethnic Sims
Tropical flowers, Safari theme, Hawaiian theme, Asian theme, African theme & more
Everyday Sims 1-3
various objects, walls and sets
Everyday Sims Walls
wide range of single walls and wall sets, floors, roofs
Everything Sim
few recolours
Exotic Elements
themed sets from Thailand, Peru, Japan, India, Bali and Africa


modern objects, sets, w&f
Flesh Dolls
SciFi theme, skins, walls & more
objects, skisn, fakes, poses, Medieval theme
Freaky Sims
hacked objects, skins
Freya's Studio Sims Homes
houses, w&f
Frogger's Sims Stuff
objects and sets
Frosty's Cool Sims
various houses (furnished and unfurnished)
Fun With The Sims 1-2
rugs, paintings
Funky Floors and Groovy Goodies
(retro) walls and some objects