MA Annex 1 Nikki's Objects
recoloured objects
Mad Mab's Sims
objects, sets, w&f
Madison Avenue Sims
two canopy love beds, one wall
Madoria's Maxis Matches Outlet
pinestripe, werkbunnst & more matching Maxis items
Madoria's Old Skins, Walls and Floors
male and female skins
Madoria's Outlet
various sets and singles
Madoria's Sims 1 Bases
various bases for creators
Magic Homes
pictures houses without shopping lists
Makin Magic
some hacked items
MammaSoul's Sim Shed
paintings, rugs, sets and singles
Mamma Souls's Off The Wall
African and Asian art, whirlpools and other objects and sets
Maniacal Sim Group
several sets and single objects
Marf's Schatzkiste
rugs and fakes
Mat's Chamber of Sims 1 Downloads
skins and (hacked) objects
Mattie's Stuff
several wall collections
Me Love The Witch Sims
paintings, walls
Melynda's Treasure Chest 2
several sets and murals
Mere's Folly Attic
room sets, w&f
MerCo RoomSets
Amethyst, Little Green, Peppy Pink, Shades of Blue & Tiki set
MerCo Updates
w&f, Maxis Crimson collection
Metal Sims
heads and (punk) skins
Mish Mish Sims
single objects & sets, gifts
Mish Mish Sims Vintage
fountains, balcony, room sets & more
Miss Shabby's Sims Art 1-2
Misty Nigh Sims Objects 1-2
room sets
Misty Night Sims Objects Storage
single objects and sets
MKM Sims Gallery
mainly abstract paintings
MKM Sims Papers
themed walls
MmeRosa - sksims
wide range of objects, rugs, w&f, roofs, skins
Modern Gallery
mainly abstract pictures
Modern Kicks
recoloured objects, no previews
Mohmama's Sims
pictured houses
Mommyistired Sim Abodes
walls, houses
Monkie Sims
objects, w&f
Moon Sims
walls, gifts & more
More Sim
(recoloured) objects
More Sims OddsnEnds
(recoloured) objects and sets
Morticcia's Sims
heads, skins,(kimonos)
Moshi's Things
themed fakes
Mourning Sims
few files from abandoned sites
Move In 1-3
houses with shopping lists, also some paintings
Mufga's Simlaedchen 1-7
tons of walls, floors and paintings
Muggels Sims
MW Skins
skins from former Missie's World
group 4, group 5, group 7 (all others are missing)
My French Sims
houses, one kitchen set
My Sims Potterings
paintings, murals, also 2-story murals
Mystic Sims
Mystkfaerie Designs
objects, sets, w&f, houses, skins