Gabi's Sims
walls and floors
Galadria's Visions
walls and floors
Gardening Sims
the name says it all
Gathering The Simnuts
collection of various files from external Sims sites
GB Fashions
modern fashion
Glennis Sims Corner 1-2
mainly houses
Glennis Sims Corner All of the Sims
objects, houses, w&f
objects, paintings, mirrors, rugs, w&f
Goddess of Sims
themed skins (Lara Croft, Horror, Charmed, Fifth Element 6 more
Gothic Rose Sims 1-2
Gothic objects (mainly recolours) and skins
Gotta Love Those Sims
Maxis recolours
Grapevine's Sims 1
wide range of objects, rugs, paintings, deco
Grizzlis- Simsbau 1
lots, w&f
GSG Neighborhood
pictured houses
GuabaMan's Sims 1 Stuff
some hacked objects


H & H Powder Room
few heads and skins
HanneMark Depot
few pink objects and pink w&f
Hannibal Beth's Sims
objects, rugs, painting
Has Been Sims
conversions from SuperstarSims to lower Sims versions
Hasseki Hurrem Designs
objects, w&f, murals
skins, heads
home decor, shops, build items, skins & more
Helena Sim Estates
paintings, w&f, skins, Road to Damaskus lot
Highlife Decorations
several room sets, store
Hobbitwife's Sims Gifts
rugs, paintings, tapestries, hillsides, LOTR theme
Hobbitwife Gift Archive 1-2
rugs, wall decor & more
download group 1, download group 2
House of Miscellany
only one bamboo bed
House of Sim Style
paintings, (recoloured) objects
Lots, self-sim, bases for skinning, gifts