K & S Builders
lots, some w&f
Kajsa's Castle in the Clouds
rugs, paintings, w&f
Kandygirl's Corner
Karin's Lots
lots, some w&f and objects without previews
Keeks Simply The Best
rooms, sets, single, objects, paintings, rugs, w&f
large range of of nursery walls
Killer Sims E Group
a mix of everything
Killerbee Kreations
some posters
Kinetic Dot YG
paintings, w&f, some gifts
Kiri's Simthing For Everyone
pretty much everything
KJ Meow Misc.
furniture, fireplaces & more
KJ Meow Sim Stuff Collection
two rooms, some objects
KJ Meow Surface
without previews
Knight's Page
Maxis conversions to lower Sims versions
Krysti's Sims
two Carrebean seats, one bed


Labyrith Sims
(recoloured) objects and sets
Ladybug Sims
single furniture pieces, tapestries, paintings
Lady D's Decor Archives
rugs, walls, also themed (for example LOTR)
Lambs Country Nook
various sets and single objects
Laphelot's Sims Solution
hacked objects
Lefty Sims
skina, sets, objects, bases
Legendary Pink Dots
paintings, rugs, w&f
Lemon Sims
few rugs, sculpture
Leriali's Place
tapestries, blinds, gifts
Lespromenades - The Promenade
historical wall sets
Lightbringer Sims
wizard robes, nude bases
clocks, rugs, bedroom, also a bathroom gift from Frida
Liquid Sim Colors
room sets, rugs
LiSim Creations
mainly build items
LiSim Creations 2
recoloured curtains
Living Dead Sims
Goth skins
Liz & Dracs Seasonal Sims Designz
objects & more for Christmas and Halloween
Lone Star Sims
several objects
Lost Sims
heads, robot Mathilda & more
Lphnts Trunk 1
downtown park, camp stuff & more
Lphnts Trunk 2
rideable horses
Lphnts Trunk 3
Georgiegirl's creations, Thunderhawk's creations, rideable horses 2
Lphnts Trunk 4
Seasonal creations & more
Lynnie Simsfan
rugs, wall sets, some objects