Cabbage Patch Sims
some sets and walls
Canvas Sims
assorted paintings
Carnation and Citronella Grove
Caro's - Gone But Not Forgotten 13
color themed sets, floors
Caro's - SimKagen
heads, floors (glass floor), objects without preview pics
Carol's Sims
Medieval tapestries, paintings, rugs, w&f
Carol's Sims Warehouse
paintings, objects
Carole's Sims 1 Archives
rugs, paintings, w&f, houses
Carrigons Sims Hacks
severalhacked items
Casa del Sims
wedding theme
Casa Sims
objects, sets, rooms
Celebritie Objects/Charliezzz16
paintings, murals
Chai Sims
Chicken Little's About The Sim
rugs, Sim City Arena set
Chicklet's Creative Collection
room sets
Chicklet's Sim Stuff
room sets, house
Choco Toujours
modern skins
Chocolate Covered Sims
garden/plant objects, paintings, rugs, build items, rooms
CCS Wage Of Sim Project
Christine's Sims Objects
a mix of objects
Christy's Sims1
room sets
Cindy's Sims
Asian and Early-Culture creations, Victorian lamps and more
Cloth Menagerie Sim Fashions
modern fashion
wide range of objects, sets, w&f
Colleen's Sims
skins and heads
Color Your Walls
w&f sets, murals
Christmas market and some other objects
Colorized Sims 1
build items, skins
Colorized Sims 2
livingrooms, bedrooms, kitchen & dining
Colorized Sims 3
various sets
Colorized Sims 4
outdoor, paintings, study
Colorized Sims 5
space bowl, restaurants, caf├ęs
Colorized Sims 6
disco, fun center, shops,
Colorized Sims 7
several shops, pet shop
Comhair Historical Sims
four Victorian gowns
Community Events Network - The Sims
some walls, floors and paintings
Copied Right Sims Annex
recolored objects
Crazy People's Sim Group
houses and paintings
Creative Sim Designs 1-2
mix of various objects, wall shelves, paintings, houses
Creative Sim Designs Walls
contemporary and classic walls
CSD Gifts
forum gifts
Creative Sims
wide range of own and recoloured objects
Cybergrapes Hacks 1
Spanish Colonial, Tuscan collection, magic cottage & more
Cybergrapes Hacks 2
pets&kids, Mamasita's kitchen, diagonals, decorative items & more
Cybergrapes Hacks 3
1920 kitchen