TA Sims Rescue 1-2
Ethnic and other themes
Themes Crazy
room sets
This Old Sim 1-2
w&f, murals
Tiggerific Interior Decor
build items, decor items, w&f
Tiggerific Saved Sims
Tiggerific Clonables & Finds
support for object creators
Tiggerific Walls and Floors Archive
themed w&f
Tiggerific  Walls and Floors 2
themed w&f
Tiki Goddesses Sims
Balinese fountain and more ethnic creations (without previews)
Tilly Sims
Disney themed items
Treowe's Stuff
w&f, rugs
Treowe's Stuff Too
w&f, rugs
Treowe Trois
Treowe IV
w&f, rugs
Treowe Cinco
w&f, rugs
Tribecca Sims 1-3
Trina & Teri's Trinkets & Things
paintings, rugs, w&f (without previews)
Trollops and Johns
one skin
skins, heads, houses, w&f
Turbo's Keep
bases for object creators
Turk Sims
tv and movie skins and heads
Twilight Sims
wide range of room sets
Twilight 1 Sims
wide range of room sets
Twilight 2 Sims
wide range of room sets
Twilights Sims Agency 1 -2
women heads


The Anything Box Annex
Egyptian theme, LOTR and more
The Blarney Stone
heads and skins
The Deep SIMpathy 1-3
lots with shopping lists
The French Sims Connection
paintings, w&f
The Great Sim Group
Irish theme and other objects
The Incredible Sim Download Archive
collection of Sims 1 files from various creators
The Mod Squad Sims Stuff
modern objects, paintings, w&f
The Original Sim 1-3
various (also themed) sets, objects, skins, w&f
The Parthenon
roaring twentie's and fantasy themed skins
The Ring Of Middle Earth
LOTR paintings, w&f
The Runoff
objects, skins, sets
The Runoff Beds
(recoloured) beds
The Sim I Never Knew Existed
paintings, skins
The SIMon Says Group
TSO objects & more
The Simposium 1-2
The Sim Shop
paintings, rugs, w&f
The Sim Shop Archives 1-2
paintings, rugs, w&f
The Sims 1 Forever
(hacked?) objects
The Simsational Corporation
skins, paintings, w&f
The Sims Fanatic Community 
wide range of object, room sets and more
The Sims Fanatic Community 1-2
wide range of object, room sets and more
The Sims Fanatic Community Estates
lots with shopping lists
The Sims Fanatic Community Gifts
gifts for special events
The Sims Fanatic Community Rugs
all sort of rugs
The Sims Fanatic Community Walls and Floors
wide range of (themed) walls
The Sims File Share Group
member gifts
The Sims Florist
floor- and other plants
The Sims Florist A New Day
beaded and other doors
The Sims Florist Mixed Bouquets
wide choice of flower bouquets
The Sims Florist Roses
roses only
The Sims Hide-away
The Sims Hide-away Extended
The Sims Home Decor 1-2
paintings, w&f, decor objects
The Sims Oasis Objects
room sets and single items
The Sims Only
Junipur's group
The Sims Party House
a mix of everything
The Sims Portal
few skins and objects
The Sims Treehouse
(hacked) objects, heads, lots & more
The Sims Woodytown 2-3 (part 1 missing)