modern houses and modern windows
DA Fashion
themed fashion (Barbie, Gone With The Wind, Irish)
DAM Sims 1 Objects
My Humble Abode, Vanilla Jacobean, Leid Luau, Bentkley & more
DAM Sims 1 Objects 2
Victorian sets, Steampunk, Circus & more
DAM Sims 1 Objects 3
Whitecastle, Villesarin,Verdigris Greenhouse, Herrs Haunted Mansion & more
DAM Sims 1 Objects 4
Wildwest, Tuscan, Post Apocalypse, Hegeler Carus Mansion, French Colonial & more
DAM Sims 1 Objects 5
Wildwest Saloon, Sweenie Todd, Goldmine, Merlins Tavern, Steampunk Houseboat & more
new: walls from Sweenie Todd building, floors from Sweenie Todd building
DAM Sims 1 Objects 6
Summertime, Steampunk Build, Edo, Red Brick & more
DAM Sims 1 Objects 7
Shanty Town, Fae Cottage, Chalet and many more sets
DAM Sims Walls&Floors 1-2
classic walls
DaniCast Sims Stuff
Simfever creations, Christmas stuff
DaniCast Xmas Sims
festive objects
Danielle's Sims Stuff
wide range of objects, build items, paintings, rugs
Danish Sims Delight
wide range of paintings (zodiac, flags, nature, safari, ancient & more)
DSD - The Attic
more themed paintings, tapestries and rugs
Danish Sims Houses&Gardens
few lots
Dark Sims
some Gothic items and walls without previews
Deatheater Sims
LOTR objects, various Harry Potter objects
Deatheater Sims Archive 1
Ollivanders, Madam Malkins, Flourish Blotts & more Harry Potter sets
Deatheater Sims Archive 2
Rivendell, Gondor Arms, Farmer Maggots Hobbit Market & mor LOTR sets
Deatheater Sims Archive 3
Hogwarts Theme
Deatheater Sims Archive 4
LOTR themed sets
Decosims 1
wall sets & roofs
Decosims 2
lots, own and recolored objects and sets
Decosims 3
walls, murals and floors
Decosims 4
(recoloured) objects and little sets
Deep SIMpathy 2-3 (Deep SIMPathy 1 is missing)
modern lots
Deliciae Roman Sims
Roman themed objects, skins, w&f
Designs by Meg
houses with shopping lists
Designs by Peachy 1-2
houses with shopping lists
Destinie Homes
traditional houses (some with objects)
Destinie Homes Annex 1-2
traditional houses
Destinie Homes Tudor 1-2
complete Tudor town
Destinie Homes Winter Christmas
winter houses
Detached Sims
various own and recoloured sets
Diary Of A Sim
build items, plants, furniture & more
Dire Sims
bigfoot, unicorn & more
Disney Sims
Disney themed skins
Divine Sims - Gone But Not Forgotten 16, 17 & 18
original objects and sets
Dk Sims
Grecian sculptures, hacked objects, skins & more
few objects
Download Queen
collection of downloaded objects from Maxis and various Sims 1 sites
Drac's Sims 1 Member Gifts
large number of gifts
Drac's Sims 1 Originals
various room sets
Drac's Sims 1 Originals Rugs
movie rugs, native rugs & more
Drac's WallsnFloors 1-2
also some EA objects
Drac's Sims 1 Originals Houses and Lots
wide range of houses - some also with objects, walls and floors
Dragon's Sims Cave
Manga skins
Dramaticas Sims Downloads
Chestnut Grove set, Halloween set, skins, floors, resources
Dutch Duo Sims Hideaway