I Live In a Sim Land
small collection of files from other Sims 1 sites
Icy Tears
(recoloured) room objects and sets
ILe Yolu
Illustrated Sim
wide range of sets
InesĀ“Sim Bakery Group
the name says it all - food, sweets
Ingela's Simhouse
paintings, w&f
Inrez Sims
houses and some hacked items
Interior Sims
paintings, w&f


Jazzjunkie's Excellent Adventure
houses, some of them with shoping list
Jeannie's Bottle of Sims
shop, poses, nudebases, props, skins, meshes & more
Jerome's Meshes for the Sims
twelve meshes
Jezebel's Paintings
African, Mexican and Vincent van Gogh paintings, mailboxes
Johnadaone: John's Files
various rooms and sets
Junipur's Sim Houses
pictured houses with shopping lists
Just Another Sim
Victorian build items, farm items & more
Just Sims 1
objects, room sets
Juste Milieu
room sets