Saving The Sims Groups

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STS_001  Saving The Sims
STS_002  STS To You
STS_003  MegaSims & Lphnts Trunk
STS_004  Sim Decor, Similarity 2, Simtasia
STS_005  Grizzlibaers Sims, Monis, Simaniser, Sims Accessories, Tilly Sims, Whosyosimmy
STS_006  Divine Sims
STS_007  Caro, Sims FawnRising
STS_008  Real Estate Walls
STS_009  Boos Walls and Floors
STS_010  Angel Sim, Boo, Sim Originals
STS_011  Simlogical
STS_012  C&C Enterprise
STS_013  Simart Shop
STS_014  Simart Shop Boutique
STS_015  Cosch Sims 1
STS_016  Cosch Sims 2
STS_017  Emerald Sims Estates
STS_018  Simoleon Turtle
STS_019  Simstitution & Animatio Solis
STS_020  The Complete Sim & BNJxLVR
STS_021  Boo's Rug Shop
STS_022  SIMple Splendor Sims Walls
STS_023  SIMple Splendor Sims Wallsets
STS_024  Livin-It-Up - John Adaone, Blue Jeans, Slim
STS_025  Livin-It-Up - John Adaone, Froggluver, Mhari, Pegalu, Puluz
STS_026  Livin-It-Up - Mhari, Cravze
STS_027  Livin-It-Up - Cravze
STS_028  Livin-It-Up - Mhari, Cravze
STS_029  Livin-It-Up - Froggluver, John Adaone, Blue Jeans, Pegalu, Puluz
STS_030  STS Community Gifts
STS_031  Sim City Gallery 1
STS_032  Sim City Gallery 2
STS_033  Sim City Gallery 3
STS_034  SimGypsy 1
STS_035  SimGypsy 2
STS_036  Colorized Sims 1
STS_037  Colorized Sims 2
STS_038  Trinkets&Treasures
STS_039  Lonestar Sims
STS_040  Party Sims 1
STS_041  Party Sims 2
STS_042  Vicki's Sparkling Sims 1
STS_043  Vicki's Sparkling Sims 2
STS_044  Diary of a Sim 1
STS_045  Diary of a Sim 2
STS_046  LIU - Mike's Files
STS_047  LIU - BlueGenie2 Group 1
STS_048  LIU - BlueGenie2 Group 2
STS_049  The Coconut Hut - Jotapomba, Shadowmistress, Steppeland
STS_050  Natsky's Sim Shoppe
STS_051  Architectural Supplies For Sims 1 (Bunny Wuffle)
STS_052  Architectural Supplies For Sims 2 (Bunny Wuffle)
STS_053  missing (Nana Wildflower - The Coconut Hut)
STS_054  Nana Wildflowers - The Coconut Hut 2)
STS_055  Grim Sims 1
STS_056  Grim Sims 2
STS_057  Swedsim
STS_058  More LIU - Cravze, Ghomon
STS_059  VinGirl's Sims & Vintage Sims
STS_060  Mermaid Cove 1
STS_061  Mermaid Cove 2